Thank You for your Participation in the 3rd Annual Park Beautification!

Our Park looks FANTASTIC and we have many of our residents to thank!

A Huge Thank You goes out to:

  • Rich Heipp
  • Buffy Heipp
  • Nick Provenzano
  • Jim Pucci
  • Shannon Hahl
  • June Hoch
  • Dolly and Dave Johnson
  • Patty Tascher
  • the Rieke family

So much was accomplished! Piers were installed, mulch was moved, holes were filled in, beautiful flowers and shrubs were planted, trash and debris was picked up and disposed of, buoys were installed, and so much more!

Our volunteers are the BEST! Please consider joining all of us in the future! The beauty of our park depends on the participation of ALL of our residents! We need YOU!!!

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