Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We are having a picnic in the park. Can we set up a Bounce House for the children?
A: I’m sorry, but no Bounce Houses are allowed in the park due to liability issues.

Q: How do I get a new key for the boat ramp gate?
A: Please contact Darlene Pedersen @ 815-653-1136.

Q: Why was the park pier not installed last summer?
A: The pier was not installed last summer because there were no volunteers to help. The pier pieces were ready to be assembled and installed. If you can help next year, please attend the Annual Park Cleanup and Pier Installation Day that will be held in the Spring of 2019 (specific date TBA).

Q: I was swimming just past the swim buoys at the park beach, and it got really deep, really fast. Why?
A: There is a drop off just outside the swim buoys at our beach. This drop off occurred because of the dredging. Please be careful if you swim outside of the buoys.

Q: Can I park next to the park’s boat launch in the grass while I’m out on my boat? 
A: The turnaround area at the base of our beach ramp is designed to allow vehicles with trailers to turn around and back the trailers into the water. This turnabout is NOT a designated parking area. Vehicles with trailers should park parallel to the ramp drive after unloading watercrafts. Please be considerate by leaving this launching area available for vehicles with trailers only. All other vehicles should park along the road on either side of East Lake Shore Drive.

Q: Hey Board! I have a question about adding a dock. How do I do that?                           A: If it’s a private dock and in front of a residence,  you need only comply with the MPOA’S Lake water equipment regulations. (See their website: WLMPOA.ORG)




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  1. Hey Board! I have a question about adding a dock. How do I do that?


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