Park Shoreline Renewal

The park shoreline has been gradually eroding over the past few years to the extent that certain areas were becoming extremely hazardous, as well as an eyesore. Because of this, the Board has sought to find solutions that would be in accordance with those mandated by the Army Corps of Engineers, and the MPOA. In order to begin the work needed to be done, two oak trees needed to be removed. Although it is very sad to see old oak trees taken down, these trees were determined by an arborist to be diseased and dead limbs were becoming a danger to the community. Happily, we have some very devoted, selfless volunteers in our community that worked tirelessly in the cold and rain last Sunday, Oct. 18, 2020, to prepare the shoreline for renewal: Rich and Buffy Heipp, Justin, Bill and Christy Rieke, Tom Cooper, Nick Provenzano, Henry Krukowski, Grace Minior, Jeff Hunt, Shawn Flynn, Patty Tascher and Maypril.

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