Pier Installation Day: Saturday, May 11, 8:00 a.m.

Pier Installation Day was a HUGE success thanks to the volunteers that showed up and helped to install the piers!  Two piers were installed on Saturday, May 11: one for use of individuals launching and retrieving their boats, and one for recreational activities.

Many thanks to the following people who braved the cold rainy weather and gave up their Saturday to assemble and install the piers!

  • Tom Cooper:   for storage of pier sections and delivery to the beach
  • Rich Heipp:  for organizing the event
  • Henryk Krukowski
  • Jim Pucci
  • Kent Welch
  • Nick Ottolino
  • Mike Hahl
  • Mary Maurer:  for running to the hardware store for supplies and for photo taking
  • Beth Heipp: for photo taking
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